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4DOS (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 29.03.2009, 17:02

Hi! I wish to get Luchezar Georgiev's attention (in public) about a minute but annoying misfeature in 4DOS. Are these forums the right place, or else where is it ?

I might as well post the question\suggestion itself since it will be very concise really. I'm asking for the possibility to *omit* the background within the internal "color" command (like it worked happily in NDOS - old version of 4DOS licensed to Norton).

> color cyan

... background defaults to black in NDOS and, I assume, in antique versions of 4DOS. Why this was removed (still broken as of 4DOS 8.0) is a mystery, please make it work again !

Kind regards



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