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Information on Steve Adelewitz? (VDE migration) (Announce)

posted by Dennis(R), 03.04.2009, 19:55

> I also noticed that his pages were down and wanted to ask here (or e-mail
> him) but wasn't sure. Did you try his Gmail address too?

Yes. I tried every email address I had for him, including Gmail. No response, and in a couple of cases it's been months...

> (Yikes about phone being disconnected.)


> > A poster on the VDE mailing list found a reference to an SSDI death
> > notice dated January 15th, 2009, with the place being Africa, yet I see a
> > post here from him titled "vegi" dated February 1st, 2009.
> Where is a link to that?

The poster found it through a Genealogy web site.

> And what is SSDI? (Social Security Death Index???)

Something like that, I believe. The NYS Comptroller of the Currency also lists unclaimed funds for him from MetLife.

> I thought he was in America, so why would he die in Africa??

I have no idea. Neither does the poster who found the link. As far as I knew, he lived in the Bronx, a borough of New York City north of me. (I'm in Manhattan.)

> > With the agreement of VDE author Eric Meyer and VDE Mailing List Mommy
> > Ben Cohen, I've created a Google Group to serve as VDE's new "home page",
> > and the intent is to migrate the Topica list there as well. The new page
> > is here:
> Okay, good to know.

Thank you.

> > Meanwhile, has anyone heard from Steve recently? I'd dearly love to
> > hear that rumors of his death are exaggerated, but I can't find him.
> No, but I'll try e-mailing him at his Gmail account (which I know he liked
> using as I recommended it to him back in the day). I hope and pray he's
> still alive (obviously), but if not I pray he's at peace.

So do I.


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