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Information on Steve Adelewitz? (Announce)

posted by Dennis(R), 03.04.2009, 23:07

> > A poster on the VDE mailing list found a reference to an SSDI death
> > notice dated January 15th, 2009, with the place being Africa, yet I see
> > a post here from him titled "vegi" dated February 1st, 2009.
> I'm sorry, but I have to correct you. Steve's "vegi" post is from January
> 2nd. Note the dots (no dashes or slashes) in "02.01.2009", which is a
> common date format in Germany and the Nordic countries. Steve last logged
> on to this forum on January 7th. :-(

Thank you. I should have realized I was dealing with a date format that is different elsewhere.

The revised posting date at least doesn't clash with the reported death notice, as much as I wish it did. :-(


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