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Information on Steve Adelewitz? (Announce)

posted by Dennis(R), 04.04.2009, 02:25

> > With the agreement of VDE author Eric Meyer and VDE Mailing List Mommy
> > Ben Cohen, I've created a Google Group to serve as VDE's new "home page",
> > and the intent is to migrate the Topica list there as well. The new page
> > is here:
> >
> Why such old versions of VBX? Here's the latest I know of:

> Manfred's Little Box Painter v3.07 - Box drawing editor 296503 2008-03-31
> 19:52:51

Manfred is on the VDE list and also sent me a link. I have it, and it's in the Group Files section. I just haven't updated the Home Page with a pointer yet.

(Google Groups is annoying for folks trying to create a page. I use Firefox, and normally have multiple tabs open, so I'll have the Home Page being edited in one tab, another tab open to the Files section to upload stuff to the group, and another open to Pages to create new pages for the site. Google sees all this simultaneous activity, concludes I might be a bot trying to spam or hack the site, and locks me out for a while.

I don't mind limitations designed to prevent hacking and spam, but it would be nice if they were actually documented somewhere. It's like getting a ticket from a police officer for speeding, but there are no speed limit signs posted anywhere, and the cop won't tell you what the limit is.)

> So does this mean Eric still intends to update VDE?

He makes minor changes once in a while. The most recent I recall was Automatic Formatting (^AF) in VDE 1.95.

> (P.S. Your evidence is very sad, I don't know what to say. Rest in peace,
> Steve.)

Sad indeed.

He made the DOS Freeware part of the site as portable as possible, and provided Zips of the HTML code and images used for folks who wanted to reproduce it locally. I sent them to a contact who hosts another site I help out with to see if he wants to try to put them up and restore at least that portion of ShortStop. The Mostly VDE and Mostly Pegasus Mail portions will take a bit more doing.

I'm digging around in the Waybak machine for a site snapshot that might become a base for an attempt to resurrect it. It was a labor of love on Steve's part and a valuable resource to the community. To honor his memory, I'm doing what I can to preserve it.

We'll see.


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