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Information on Steve Adelewitz? (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 04.04.2009, 17:01

> (Google Groups is annoying for folks trying to create a page. I use
> Firefox, and normally have multiple tabs open, so I'll have the Home Page
> being edited in one tab, another tab open to the Files section to upload
> stuff to the group, and another open to Pages to create new pages for the
> site. Google sees all this simultaneous activity, concludes I might be a
> bot trying to spam or hack the site, and locks me out for a while.
> I don't mind limitations designed to prevent hacking and spam, but it
> would be nice if they were actually documented somewhere. It's like
> getting a ticket from a police officer for speeding, but there are no
> speed limit signs posted anywhere, and the cop won't tell you what the
> limit is.)

I use Gmail and Google Pages a lot, too. Yes, you can't send .ZIPs with .BAT or .EXE (which I think is dumb). Also, recently Firefox 3 stopped working for a while with Google Pages (!) although IE7 (which I never use) worked fine. Finally they fixed that. I don't know if that's due to them switching things over to Sites (whatever that is) or what. Maybe it was Firefox's fault, who knows. But it's okay now. But yeah, I guess they have glitches like anyone else.

> > So does this mean Eric still intends to update VDE?
> He makes minor changes once in a while. The most recent I recall was
> Automatic Formatting (^AF) in VDE 1.95.

Well, that was 1 1/2 years ago. I know, not that long, just with DOS these days you can never tell when some things are abandoned or not. ;-)

> > (P.S. Your evidence is very sad, I don't know what to say. Rest in
> peace,
> > Steve.)
> Sad indeed.
> He made the DOS Freeware part of the site as portable as possible, and
> provided Zips of the HTML code and images used for folks who wanted to
> reproduce it locally. I sent them to a contact who hosts another site I
> help out with to see if he wants to try to put them up and restore at
> least that portion of ShortStop. The Mostly VDE and Mostly Pegasus Mail
> portions will take a bit more doing.
> I'm digging around in the Waybak machine for a site snapshot that might
> become a base for an attempt to resurrect it. It was a labor of love on
> Steve's part and a valuable resource to the community. To honor his
> memory, I'm doing what I can to preserve it.
> We'll see.

BTW, beware that WayBack truncates files by one byte, which is annoying.

You're on , right? Steve used the Freeware DOS pages as an excuse to test out a lot of text editors, esp. HTML support. I also have a passion for trying text editors (as my recent post on comp.os.msdos.djgpp shows). I have some comparison notes about various DOS editors that I've been making for a while now, might post it online fairly soon just for laughs.


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