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text editors (in memory of Steve) (Announce)

posted by Dennis(R), 05.04.2009, 16:40

> > Not just .BAT or .EXE. I had it reject an archive full of HTML files. > I
> I can only assume the system (e.g. Gmail) is abused heavily for spam and
> viruses and such, esp. since it's freely available. Otherwise, I don't
> think Google would be foolish enough to be so overly paranoid.

GMail is certainly abused by spammers. I'm an admin on a web board that gets ten or twenty attempted spammer signups a day, and 2/3s to 3/4s of them give GMail addresses. I remember the days when Hotmail was so heavily used by spammers a lot of folks automatically deleted anything from a Hotmail address assuming it was spam. GMail might just receive that dubious honor at some point.

> I've sent .7z and .lzh and .tbz files before but not recently. I do

Hmmmm. I'll have to try that.

> remember that even .ZIPs inside .ZIPs with .EXEs, .COMs, or .BATs aren't
> accepted. Recently, somebody e-mailed me a .ZIP renamed to .PIZ to avoid
> the issue, so that's a good workaround if you need it (until they block
> that too, heh). ;-)

I've done the "rename EXE to XEX" bit, but it's a PITA for the recipient.

> The problem with Yahoo! is that, IIRC, attachments are limited to 10 MB
> (instead of 20 MB for Gmail). And I'm not sure if that's before or after
> the base64 encoding. Blah.

That doesn't concern me. A lot of email servers out there have even lower limits. I try to make sure the recipient can receive the files I attach. GMail is at the high end allowing 20MB. Most don't.

> This was in the past month. But it works now, or at least the last two or
> three times I tried. As mentioned, this may be why:
> > We are no longer accepting new sign-ups for Page Creator because
> > we have shifted our focus to developing Google Sites.

Okay. I'm not current on Google Sites. Have to po0ke around a bit.

> Yeah, they've given me the bogus "please enter captcha" just for posting
> on Google Groups a few times, which is odd. Who knows, maybe somebody
> didn't like something I said (unlikely but possible).

Highly unlikely. You were posting via the web interface? I own another Group where all the posting is via email. I've never heard a problem report.

> TDE 5.2 is supposedly in beta also (although I haven't seen or tested it).


> > > You're on , right?
> >
> > I'm all over it. :-D
> I've read there various times over the past few years. I don't remember if
> I ever contributed anything (still haven't told you about
> e3's final
> version 2.7.1, see new
> homepage [down??] and
> binaries, which I
> had to manually build since no longer pre-included). For the record, my
> obsession is 99% with DOS-oriented stuff (in case it wasn't obvious). :-D

Ah. Thanks for the new e3. I have it here, because I collect tiny editors.

It's also used in Puppy Linx. That distro wants to keep the ISO size under 100MB, and does various things to save space. e3 is linked as vi.

> > > I have some comparison notes about various DOS editors that I've
> > > been making for a while now, might post it online fairly soon just
> > > for laughs.
> >
> > I'd like to see it. Feel free to add it to It's the
> > sort of thing the site was made for.
> I'll dig it up for you, but I'm not sure how it would fit into the setup
> of TextEditors. (It's mostly just a huge bunch of comments in a .BAT
> file.)

Send it along, and I'll see about editing for format.

> > One Windows, I use Notepad++ for most things. On Unix/Linux, I use
> > vi/vim, though I use Emacs on occasion, and I'm becoming fond of Geany
> > in X sessions under Linux.
> As you may know, TDE works on DOS (16-bit or 32-bit), Win32 console, and
> Linux w/ ncurses. Not that I ever use Linux much, and it never comes
> default so I built my own binary (which I always forget to use). Vim-tiny
> seems default on most GNU/Linux distros (although gNewSense includes GNU
> Emacs, thankfully).

Yes, I have and use TDE under Win32 console. Haven't moved it to Linux yet.

> > The first real text editor I used was a third-party replacement for
> > TSO/SPF on IBM mainframes back in the late 70's. It had some neat
> > features, and when the shop switched to real TSO/SPF, I thought it was
> > a step backward. 3270 block mode terminals have a completely different
> > concept of full-screen editing than PC users are used to. :-P
> That predates me a bit. :-)) But I imagine you mean something like
> Forth block editors (or not, who knows, EDT? heh).


3270 terminals were block mode, not character mode. In normal editing on character mode terminals, each char you type is sent is sent immediately to the host.

On a block mode terminal, when you were editing, you could move around the screen and change things, but that all happened locally. When you hit Enter (might have been called Submit or something), the entire screen was sent to the host.


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