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4DOS (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 05.04.2009, 19:56

>> Hi! I wish to get Luchezar Georgiev's attention (in public)
> IIRC he got banned from here. So a better public place is the forum
> of King Udo or you can mail him: there is a "protected" - thus
> possibly valid and working - address on his page.

I emailed Lucho - don't know if he got the mail, anyway... from that ongoing thread at comp.os.msdos.4dos <>
... it appears he won't take this or other suggestions any more. I've come at the wrong moment !

Oh, well, if they find a new maintainer (let's hope!) I'll be back to them.

There will probably not be any never versions from me past the current one
(8.00). If you know someone who can program in C and x86 Assembler and who
would like to take over the 4DOS maintenance, please ask him. [....]

My last wish is that 4DOS *never* falls into the hands of the only
FreeDOS developer left, Eric Auer. [....]




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