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text editors (in memory of Steve) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 07.04.2009, 00:33

> > > Ah. Thanks for the new e3. I have it here, because I collect tiny
> > > editors.
> >
> > The e3 site (if you can call it that, only two links) is back up now. I
> I don't believe that one was ever down. The site I meant was
>, which is "up", but returns a blank screen
> when accessed.

That's the old site, back from when 2.7.0 was current. I don't know why, but it migrated to the other one at some point.

> > just like FASM, e3 is cool because it's portable to so many OSes.
> I was more interested in the multiple personalities, letting it look like
> WS, vi, Pico, and a few other things. A 4K core, and a ~20K overlay for
> personalities. You could actually just run the 4K core, and have a
> functional editor with WS keymaps.

Well, JOE, JED, GNU Emacs all can emulate keysets. Even TDE can do CUA at least.

> > very good Emacs clone and can emulate vi too (while not barely topping 2
> > MB unpacked for the DOS port). Not bad, if you ask me.
> Not bad at all. I looked at and respect JED.

I forgot the disclaimer that UPX was used. ;-) Besides, rr told me what I discovered recently: that JED won't build on DOS except with some weird tweak to the mouse support (which isn't a deal breaker for me personally although I'd feel foolish if I compiled without it since it works so well).

> > > > I'll dig it up for you, but I'm not sure how it would fit into the
> > > > setup of TextEditors. (It's mostly just a huge bunch of comments
> > > > in a .BAT file.)
> > >
> > > Send it along, and I'll see about editing for format.
> >
> > I'll take a quick look later tonight and try uploading it tomorrow.
> Thanks!

Hmmm, still haven't done that. Maybe when I'm done posting here. :-P

> > If you have libncurses-dev, you can build it yourself (although not all
> > distros have that).
> I think I do, but getting a build environment set up for Puppy is slighly
> complex, and I wouldn't do it on the Lifebook in any case. I'd grow old
> and grey waiting for a build to finish. If I have sufficient reason, I'll
> put Puppy up in multi-boot mode on my desktop alongside Win2K, WinXP, and
> Kubuntu, and set up the development environment there.

Well, I could probably just send you my build, it most likely works. Or you could just run the DOS version in DOSEMU (doubt it, heh). ;-)

> > But obviously almost nobody uses vanilla vi, only the extended
> > variants (mostly Elvis or VILE or VIM, especially VIM, the topic for
> 99%
> > of posts on news://comp.editors !!).
> And for good reason. :)
> The original vi is now open source:

Seen it but never bothered trying it, no need.


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