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text editors (in memory of Steve) (Announce)

posted by Dennis(R), 07.04.2009, 01:08

> > > just like FASM, e3 is cool because it's portable to so many OSes.
> >
> > I was more interested in the multiple personalities, letting it look like
> > WS, vi, Pico, and a few other things. A 4K core, and a ~20K overlay for
> > personalities. You could actually just run the 4K core, and have a
> > functional editor with WS keymaps.
> Well, JOE, JED, GNU Emacs all can emulate keysets. Even TDE can do CUA at
> least.

Sure, if you configure them. e3 does it out of the box. It's a bit like vi on Unix, where vi, view, and ex are hard links to the same executable. The program uses the name it is called by to determine which behavior to exhibit.

Same with e3 - symlink it to vi, and Poof!, it emulates vi. No config required.

> > > very good Emacs clone and can emulate vi too (while not barely topping
> > > 2 MB unpacked for the DOS port). Not bad, if you ask me.
> >
> > Not bad at all. I looked at and respect JED.
> I forgot the disclaimer that UPX was used. ;-)

Yeah, but lots of things use UPX. Handy for conserving disk space, but that's much less a concern now.

> Besides, rr told
> me what I discovered recently: that JED won't build on DOS except with
> some weird tweak to the mouse support (which isn't a deal breaker for me
> personally although I'd feel foolish if I compiled without it since it
> works so well).

Never tried to build it on DOS, and didn't notice. I'll keep that in mind.

> > > > > I'll dig it up for you, but I'm not sure how it would fit into
> > > > > the setup of TextEditors. (It's mostly just a huge bunch of
> > > > > comments in a .BAT file.)
> > > >
> > > > Send it along, and I'll see about editing for format.
> > >
> > > I'll take a quick look later tonight and try uploading it tomorrow.
> >
> > Thanks!
> Hmmm, still haven't done that. Maybe when I'm done posting here. :-P

Looking forward to it.

> > > If you have libncurses-dev, you can build it yourself (although not
> > > all distros have that).
> >
> > I think I do, but getting a build environment set up for Puppy is
> > slightly complex, and I wouldn't do it on the Lifebook in any case. I'd
> > grow old and grey waiting for a build to finish. If I have sufficient
> > reason, I'll put Puppy up in multi-boot mode on my desktop alongside
> > Win2K, WinXP, and Kubuntu, and set up the development environment there.
> Well, I could probably just send you my build, it most likely works. Or

IF you would, I'd be pleased.

> you could just run the DOS version in DOSEMU (doubt it, heh). ;-)

Nope. I have DOSEMU set up as a test, but prefer native apps. (I did confirm VDE runs fine in it, but I got an old Linux port (based on the CP/M VDE sources) called sue I'll likely use instead.

> > > But obviously almost nobody uses vanilla vi, only the extended
> > > variants (mostly Elvis or VILE or VIM, especially VIM, the topic for
> > > 99% of posts on news://comp.editors !!).
> >
> > And for good reason. :)
> >
> > The original vi is now open source:
> Seen it but never bothered trying it, no need.

I haven't either. I just noted it for reference. I was amused to see it turn up as open source. (Someday I'll find out exactly how it made its way from BSD Unix into AT&T Sys V.)


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