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text editors (in memory of Steve) (Announce)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 07.04.2009, 01:14

> > Well, JOE, JED, GNU Emacs all can emulate keysets. Even TDE can do CUA
> > at least.
> Sure, if you configure them. e3 does it out of the box. It's a bit like
> vi on Unix, where vi, view, and ex are hard links to the same executable.
> The program uses the name it is called by to determine which behavior to
> exhibit.
> Same with e3 - symlink it to vi, and Poof!, it emulates vi. No config
> required.

DJGPP supports similar symlinks although few apps make use of it.

> > I forgot the disclaimer that UPX was used. ;-)
> Yeah, but lots of things use UPX. Handy for conserving disk space, but
> that's much less a concern now.

Well, as mentioned, e-mail attachments, website limits, etc. still constrain us.

> > Besides, rr told
> > me what I discovered recently: that JED won't build on DOS except with
> > some weird tweak to the mouse support (which isn't a deal breaker
> > for me personally although I'd feel foolish if I compiled without
> > it since it works so well).
> Never tried to build it on DOS, and didn't notice. I'll keep that in
> mind.

Will be fixed with a third-party patch eventually (since J.E.D. is A.W.O.L).

> > > > I'll take a quick look later tonight and try uploading it tomorrow.
> > >
> > > Thanks!
> >
> > Hmmm, still haven't done that. Maybe when I'm done posting here. :-P
> Looking forward to it.

You're here, it's here, right on time. :-D

> > Well, I could probably just send you my build, it most likely works. Or
> IF you would, I'd be pleased.

Done, hope it works!

> > > The original vi is now open source:
> >
> > Seen it but never bothered trying it, no need.
> I haven't either. I just noted it for reference. I was amused to see it
> turn up as open source. (Someday I'll find out exactly how it made its
> way from BSD Unix into AT&T Sys V.)

I don't know, but Caldera (in)famously open sourced it as well as some other stuff, IIRC. And they are very weird, IMHO.


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