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FreeDOS' main noise contributor (Miscellaneous)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 07.04.2009, 07:45

> cpulevel, finddisk, sysmem, xmssize, 3-disk ("brezel"), fdshield, runtime,
> locktone, calcfixp, FD edit, callver, graphics, dosfsck, mode, para631,
> gfx_mine, snake_vr, cdrcache, ctmouse 2.1b4, devload, cdrom2, eecho,
> filetype, freetest, getserno, whichfat, moresys, memteste stub, pcisleep,
> terminal, etc. etc. (web page updates, server admin crud, lots of testing,
> probably other things I'm forgetting).

I know that you love to supply huge lists, but you probably should be aware that some people - including me - won't get intimidated by such "information", because they prefer quality over quantity.

> IIRC, the only other people I've e-mailed nearly 1/10th as much are
> Octavio Vega Fernandez (back before work overtook him) and David Lindauer
> (back when CC386 was on fire with updates). All equally nice and brilliant
> people.

I know that you love to talk, so it's not very surprising for me that you like people who are "slightly" talkative.

> And FYI, that's not to discount anybody on this forum either. I'd every
> bit as much praise you guys for your efforts too! (Remember, Japheth,
> you're FreeDOS Man of the Year 2008 ... of course, that's just my humble
> opinion!) :-D

This isn't appreciated, because I use FreeDOS for testing purposes only. I still prefer MS-DOS, simply because it is better IMO. Additionally, I'm not a victim of the "Freedom illusion", so the GPL-guy's propaganda is unable to have any impact on my thinking.

MS-DOS forever!


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