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FreeDOS' contributor (Miscellaneous)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 07.04.2009, 15:24

> Like making sure HIMEMX runs on 386s? (Still waiting on that patch.) :-P

The problem is: I modified this himem thing mainly for myself, I don't regard myself as "maintainer". So, since I don't have a working 386 computer anymore - and probably also won't buy one on Ebay anytime soon -, it might take a while until a patch is released.

But returning to your list: dosfsck and ctmouse are probably also "quality" tools, but I somehow doubt that one can call them "Eric's tool" just because he has added a line or two to the sources.

> For all the whining I always hear from various people "Report a bug, write
> a patch, roll your own, port it yourself, test it yourself, contact the
> author", guess how all of that is accomplished? Talk.

Yes, if used intelligently then communication has advantages...

MS-DOS forever!


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