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FreeDOS' contributor (Miscellaneous)

posted by Khusraw(R) E-mail, Bucharest, Romania, 09.04.2009, 16:24

Firstly, you should have understood that I did refer only to the kernel, not to the full contents of the package (drivers, tools, utilities) associated with one DOS or another. I have to accept that I haven't tried PC-DOS on an 8088, but on the systems I used it I can assure you that it's not at all faster, as neither DR-DOS is. OTOH the 'built-in' things are rather a loss than a gain. What happens if people don't need them or have found better alternatives? And I'm sorry to say, but from all the DOSes I enumerated, I found PTS-DOS to be the worst (but not far worse than ROM-DOS).
I still can't see nothing concrete from you. Give a single example of a program which strongly uses int 21h calls and runs better/faster in the same testing conditions (same hardware, same DOS configuration) with any other DOS than MS-DOS. Eventualy post your profiling results here.


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