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FreeDOS' contributor (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 09.04.2009, 17:02

> Firstly, you should have understood that I did refer only to the kernel,
> not to the full contents of the package (drivers, tools, utilities)
> associated with one DOS or another.

The kernel is obviously most important, but then again, without all the tools, it's fairly wimpy. You really think it'd be best to use only official MS tools, even in this day and age? (I suspect you use JEMMEX, UIDE, a better editor, etc, which is most sensible.)

> I have to accept that I haven't tried
> PC-DOS on an 8088, but on the systems I used it I can assure you that it's
> not at all faster, as neither DR-DOS is. OTOH the 'built-in' things are
> rather a loss than a gain. What happens if people don't need them or have
> found better alternatives? And I'm sorry to say, but from all the DOSes I
> enumerated, I found PTS-DOS to be the worst (but not far worse than

Oops, I forgot to mention EDR-DOS, which is yet another fairly big change in the DR-DOS line. Yes, I've heard PTS-DOS is a little buggy, but I think RxDOS (no offense) is even buggier. Still, probably not completely useless.

> I still can't see nothing concrete from you. Give a single example of a
> program which strongly uses int 21h calls and runs better/faster in the
> same testing conditions (same hardware, same DOS configuration) with any
> other DOS than MS-DOS. Eventualy post your profiling results here.

Win 3.x runs anywhere from 10% to 30% faster on DR-DOS. At least that's what I've been told. I haven't (and wouldn't know how) to benchmark that, though. But that's the best example I know of. (Although I do remember benchmarking XCOPY and RxCOPY etc. on MS-DOS vs. FreeDOS on my 486, and in most cases it was much faster on FreeDOS. I forget the details, would have to check old e-mails with Eric, or maybe he remembers, who knows.)

Anyways, if you have a problem with FreeDOS, best is to check against 2036 stable, 2037 unstable, and 2038pre. Part of the problem is that they haven't merged all changes into a single official kernel (yet) due to not confirming that old bugs have been fixed, nothing regressed / broke, etc. I think Eric wants to do that, eventually, if he can ever make his list of what changed in 2037.


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