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18 Bytes! Anyone can beat this? - No (Developers)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 13.04.2009, 14:08

My solution requires 34 bytes, but I think it's easier to understand than using das (or daa, see below).

disp_ax_hex:                      ; ax
                xchg al,ah
                call disp_al_hex                ; display former ah
                xchg al,ah                      ;  and fall trough for al
disp_al_hex:                    ; al
                push cx
                mov cl,4
                ror al,cl
                call disp_al_lownibble_hex      ; display former high-nibble
                rol al,cl
                pop cx
                                                ;  and fall trough for low-nibble
                push ax                         ; save ax for call return
                and al,00001111b                ; high nibble must be zero
                add al,'0'                      ; if number is 0-9, now it's the correct character
                cmp al,'9'
                jna .decimalnum                 ; if we get decimal number with this, ok -->
                add al,7                        ;  otherwise, add 7 and we are inside our alphabet
                call disp_al
                pop ax

I think Henrik Haftmann's solution is good, too. It still requires 26 bytes. (Note that _ochr is actually the call to display the character in al, so it doesn't count. Note also that these macros aren't used as macros multiple times per program, they're used once, then they're called inside the program.)

macro _ochr                       ;Zeichenausgabe aus AL
ochr:   push    ax dx
        mov     dl,al
        DOS     2
        pop     dx ax

macro _axhx                     ;Hexzahlausgabe, VR: AX,F
axhx:   xchg    al,ah
        call    ahex
        xchg    al,ah
ahex:   push    ax cx           ;Werte erhalten
        mov     cl,4            ;oberes Nibble auf Bit 3...0
        shr     al,cl           ; schieben
        pop     cx
        call    ahex1
        pop     ax
ahex1:  and     al,0fh
        add     al,90h          ;Hex -> ASCII
        adc     al,40h



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