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Bugs in HX / DKRNL32 (FFMPEG, MPLAYER, MediaInfo) (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 23.04.2009, 08:08

> I'd like to point a few bugs or compatibility problems with HX / DKRNL32:
> 1. FFMPEG + derivatives like MENCODER, FFMPEG2THEORA, FFMPEG2DIRAC (except
> -vo yuv4mpeg in MPLAYER) don't work. Output file is garbage (usually
> ridiculously small), bitrate is reported as ZERO, and muxing overhead is
> -100%. All recent "unofficial" binaries (by Sherpya and others) are
> affected. Same test fine in XP (they still have bugs crashing in other
> tests in XP too of course).
> Evil binary (one of many):
> Evil input video (encode into AVI, OGG/OGV crashes in XP too):

What's the exact cmd to start this test case? It seems Fabrice Bellard hasn't heart of the SSSO principle yet - OTOH I don't want to find out by "trial and error" amongst 500 options the "correct" combination.

MS-DOS forever!


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