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FFMPEGxxxx on HX: spectacular progress in BUG-fixing (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 29.04.2009, 08:31

> > to the current directory and FFW2.EXE still failed to load due to
> > unresolved externals in AVICAP32.DLL. So I gave up.
> :clap:
> AVI.ZIP Download
> now (769 Bytes)

Self-made Win32 binaries - was this little detail not worth to be mentioned in your first post?

Anyways, ffw2.exe runs now in DOS and the file size of the output file G.AVI is indeed significantly smaller than in Windows.

Running it with a debug version of DKRNL32.DLL shows that ffw2 calls the Win32 API function SetFilePointer() with an 'origin' parameter value of 10000h. This is invalid, SetFilePointer() is expected to return -1 then, but DKRNL32 currently doesn't verify this param and calls DOS with the low byte of 'origin' and returns a 'valid' result.

MS-DOS forever!


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