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FFMPEG on HX: imbecility on both sides | MinGW garbage I/O (DOSX)

posted by DOS386(R), 05.05.2009, 14:23

Laaca wrote:

> I have to same problem. The download doesn't work for me.
> Could you to upload it to some another place please?

The original link is dead. But this "new" version has very little value anyway, just 10 days younger and 2 important fixes are NOT included:
- FFMPEG 0.5 from 2009-Mar
- Theora encoding fix (was NOT fixed until 2009-Mar, no idea when if ever ...)

Japheth wrote:

> Self-made Win32 binaries - was this little detail not worth to be mentioned in your first post?

Sorry forgot them ... I had been having them for centuries in my "DOS" directory ... oops, look at this :clap:

> Running it with a debug version of DKRNL32.DLL

Any chance to get this debug version included in next HX ?

> shows that ffw2 calls the Win32 API function SetFilePointer() with an 'origin'
> parameter value of 10000h. This is invalid

excellent :clap: BUG of FFMPEG or MinGW

> SetFilePointer() is expected to return -1 then,
> but DKRNL32 currently doesn't verify this param and calls DOS with the low
> byte of 'origin' and returns a 'valid' result.

I see :crying:

BTW, source of DKRNL32 already has one funny hack preventing stupid apps or compilers to seek below ZERO, while DOS is too stupid too to reject such NO-GO's :crying: ... what compilers or apps are affected by this BUG ?

After having notoriously criticized DGJPP for garbage I/O and advertising MinGW in the past the time has come to have a look on MinGW now for possible garbage I/O activity ... but I need a debug version of DKRNL32 :-|

This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here
the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft ***


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