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Why there are some hurdles... (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 10.05.2009, 07:38

> I know you hate suggestions, ...

I love suggestions and would like to fulfill everyone's wishes and be everybody's darling, but sometimes I have to be a little rigid and say 'No', like a caring father does to his unwise child.

> ...but I'd recommend using something a bit more
> friendly like CBuild
> (which builds with MSVC or DJGPP) and/or saving the output of "nmake -n"
> so that mere mortals can understand what is supposed to happen.

No. The little hurdles in HX's make procedure are "by design", it's an aptitude test. They are small, tiny, almost not worth to be mentioned, but they are sufficient to keep the pure "Dampfplauderers" (a beautiful German word which I don't want to translate because it most likely will become a very lame translation) out.

MS-DOS forever!


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