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MS-DOG wins and wins | Execellent BUG report (Miscellaneous)

posted by DOS386(R), 17.05.2009, 05:44
(edited by Rugxulo on 18.05.2009, 08:43)

Japheth wrote:

> + FD is "free" and "open source".
> Fine - but virtually a non-issue for 99.97% of the FD users
> ( as you can see, I'm optimistically assuming that there
> are 10.000 FD users and 3 of those are able to understand
> the sources). Additionally, FD costs nothing, but since there
> are at least 1 billion of WinXP or Win9x licenses around which
> include MS-DOS 8 or 7.1, it isn't that big an advantage for private users.

Nor for pirates, even source code is available for the good guys having the proprietary tools from MacroSoft available:

(link removed)

> + FD is "alive"
> There is reportedly a maintainer remaining for the FD kernel,
> but I'm unable to see "progress"

Recently (2009-May) seems a few things got fixed :-)

> on the contrary, the recent versions of the FD kernel are now incompatible
> with HX, and I don't believe this will change anytime soon.

What an excellent BUG report :clap: Please reveal what they do wrong (steps to reproduce ???) :hungry:

> - FD is slow(er)
> This was the result of a test a couple of years ago and since nothing
> has changed on the FD side I assume it is still valid. The differences
> were "significant".

Slower in what activity ?

> - FD isn't fully compatible

Non-issue ;-)

> some things are implemented differently (syntax of config.sys)

It's a feature :-)

> some things are missing altogether.

Examples ?

> Anyways, some apps won't run, or at least won't run properly.
> Regrettably at least one of those apps (OW's WD) is frequently used by me.

It could be a BUG of FreeDOS or a BUG of OW-WD

> it was about Ctrl-C terminating my FTE "session"
> it's known by the FD kernel development crew,
> so we can confidently wait and see.............

Regrettably this "bug" is unique to your experimental FTE binary, I don't have this "bug" in FASM edtior, so most likely it's a bug of FTE source or some of your FTE hacks ;-)


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