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Bug in Jemmex or Freedos Display 0.13b? (DOSX)

posted by Rob(R), 31.05.2009, 15:28

Jemmex with option PGE and the computer crash when I load display in autoexec.bat

JemmEx: exception 0D occured at CS:EIP:FFFF:0000FFFF, ERRC=00000000
SS:ESP=036E:0000FFCE EBP=0000FFD0 EFL=00033282 CR0=80000011 CR2=00000000
EAX=00000010 EBX=0006FFE2 ECX=00000003 EDX=000000D4 ESI=0000008E EDI=0000ED2A
DS=00D4 ES=0281 FS=036E GS=036E [CS:IP]=00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
Press ESC to abort program

I cant paste my config and autoexec ? ("the posting contains at least one not accepted word)


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