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Accessing and/or creating files > 2 GB in DOS? (Users)

posted by Zyzzle(R), 30.06.2009, 23:27

Is there any way to access OR create a file > 2 GB in pure DOS? I think it SHOULD be possible to create a file > 2 GB but less than 4 GB in size, but I do not know how. I know it has to do with the high-order bit and its indicating positive or negative numbers. Since there are no negative file sizes, can DOS be patched to allow access from 0 to 4 GB - 1 file sizes at least?

I know FAT16 partitions with 64 kb cluters sizes (4094 MB) and FAT32 partitions would benefit greatly from 2 - 4 GB+ file size access! Has this been done?

I want to avoid using NTFS in DOS because of the large memory-overhead footprint of the drivers required to access it.

In particular, I want the DOS port of MPLAYER to be able to access video files > 2 GB in size. Is this possible or a pipe dream?

How about ExFAT (FAT64) in DOS and / or FAT32ex?


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