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64bit DOS sample (Announce)

posted by marcov(R), 26.07.2009, 14:03

> based on a sample supplied by sinsi + T. Grysztar in the Fasm forum I made
> a simple DOS 64bit sample. It's a "normal" DOS MZ exe which should be able
> to run on any DOS on a 64bit-capable machine. If no such machine is
> available, Qemu64 will do as well.
> The user interface is simple: when the program starts, it switches to
> long-mode and waits for keys. Keys it knows are 'r', which dumps some
> registers, and ESC, which makes the program switch back to real-mode.
> It's written in assembly, in Masm - or more exactly: in JWasm - syntax. To
> assemble it a 64bit aware version of JWasm is needed ( the "experimental"
> version )

Will 32-bit TSRs and hooks keep running? Or is it more a app that can swapout dos, and return to it? (I guess the latter)


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