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FYI: DEATH (not) (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 21.10.2009, 01:43

> Just to let you know, I've been dead a few recent months. Sorry about
> unanswered useful mail and forum posts and unfinished stuff on my
> side.

I was a little worried (seriously), but I'm quite glad you're back! :-D

> Thanks to people who released useful things in the meantime:
> FFK, FreeDOS guys,

Note that kernel 2039 does have some regressions (Breadbox Ensemble, finddisk) although I haven't bothered to test the improved COUNTRY.SYS support yet.

> King Udo, Japheth,

Yeah, Japheth has apparently been working ridiculously hard on JWasm 2.00. And don't forget Jack for all his UIDE etc. improvements. Huge kudos to them!

> Xiph guys, Igor,

Has 7-Zip really had any changes lately? (p7zip hasn't) It seems like very little. But nevertheless still cool. I did update my compiles of 7zdec, though, to 9.07.

> Bret :-) :-) :-) :-)

Been too lazy to try it, but it might work best with either 2038 stable or even 2039. Even PLoP boot manager has read-only USB support.

> Attila,

Not to imply that Mpxplay isn't awesome, but no Intel HDA means bad news for my laptop. (Grrr, stupid hardware.) :(

> Tomasz,

Not much on the FASM front besides Linux ELF improvements.

> ... and last but not least Bill (is Windaube severn
> "7" really useful ???)

Dunno, it comes out in two days. Even _Family Guy_ will have a sponsored episode for it (eh?). I won't buy it, but bro already pre-ordered it (sale). Supposedly back to XP speeds, but I'm still skeptical due to same driver model as Vista and same requirements and same NT major kernel version (6.1). You can't even upgrade from XP, but XP is pretty good anyways.

> and the guy behind the accounts Steve

Not the same person as "Sol".

> Sol here in (did he ever release anything besides attacks ???) :-)

Yes, "sol" released something, but I can't tell you without revealing his private identity. Oh well, at least I found it useful. ;-)


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