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FYI: DEATH (Miscellaneous)

posted by DOS386(R), 07.11.2009, 14:47

> Has 7-Zip really had any changes lately? (p7zip hasn't) It seems like very
> little. But nevertheless still cool. I did update my compiles of
> 7zdec, though, to 9.07

YES it did, there were notable enhancements to the LZMA SDK, bloat increased from 1'948'160 to 2'478'592 Bytes :-), there are code rearrangements, 7zr got merged in, and last but not least XZ format got supported (no test no use ???) as well as LZMA2 algo, and it seems to work in your 7ZDECWAT (4.65 "7za" rejects it). Still, 9.07 is a beta only and the disk image support is only present in the very full DLL-based version. :-)

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