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HX v2.16 released | MediaInfo | GlobalMemoryStatusEx (DOSX)

posted by Japheth(R) Homepage, Germany (South), 17.11.2009, 14:00

> No problem, you don't need any media file to reproduce, just
> ---help is very sufficient :-)
> > Since you've become an "assembly guru" by
> YES, just not yet a DEBUG-guru.

The debugging part isn't hard: the app crashes shortly after a call of GetCommandLineW(). It uses the return value of this function to call SHELL32.CommandLineToArgvW() and tries to work with the return value. However, the latter function is implemented as stub only in HX and hence the call returns NULL.

possible fix: implement SHELL32.CommandLineToArgvW(). It's in HXSRC, directory SHELL32, file Utils.asm. Enjoy!

MS-DOS forever!


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