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Phil Gardner's Wrapper.sys & MS-DOS7 bug (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 19.11.2009, 18:22

> I have found myself
> Geoff
> Chappell's page

Yes, sorry for omitting the link but you proved it was easy to find given the description.

> and I looked on wrapper.sys' code.

As in, unassembled using IDA or the like ? You're quick. Or have you found the original source ? I don't suppose it was made public...

> You have just to
> implement the changes just before load and execute program is called (see
> the code above the source of the jump to the int 21h which is immedialtely
> after sys' header).

Who, me ? I swore to myself I won't reload the old DOS tools and re-learn them. Too much other interesting stuff in life. Ans seeing as you have started looking at the thing, you're finished before I've reloaded a good disassembler, let alone studying the code.

Further I believe it takes a little more thinking than just copying Geoff Chappels code into Phil Gardner's, there are strategic decisions to be made. We probably don't want to allow the infernal couple (int 21/4B & int 21/31) record the interruptions our TSR hooked, rather ISTM we should somehow patch 21/31 so it does not attempt to do said recording (instead DOS will record the changes when wrapper.sys itself gives back control). IOW it could pay to patch DOS itself rather than try to adapt wrapper.sys. Just rambling ;=)

Anyhoo... if you are the kind of guy who likes challenges, please go for it your own way. There is more than one to skin a cat, so I'm told :-)



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