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Phil Gardner's Wrapper.sys & MS-DOS7 bug (Miscellaneous)

posted by Khusraw(R) E-mail, Bucharest, Romania, 20.11.2009, 08:29
(edited by Khusraw on 20.11.2009, 10:06)

> Sure. I did not have the link when originally posting, and anyway, the
> Chappel text is only loosely relevant to the question which is, remember,
> does someone have a revised 'wrapper.sys' some other tsr wrapper working
> in DOS 7/8.

Considering that it seems no one has a revised 'wrapper.sys', and except my tentative to help you, you didn't find here too many positive reactions, the only solution for you would have been to patch the existing 'wrapper.sys'. Again, it seems that you have no disponibility for this, which is not a problem for me anyway. So for now you have no choice but to don't "wrap" TSRs when using MS-DOS 7.

> Nor did I ask you personally to lose those precious minutes of
> your time, you chose to search because, presumably, you felt interested.
> Anyway I have apologised for not giving a URL, do you want more ?

Usually it is considered "de bon ton" for the people to provide the link when refering to it in their posts. Even if you don't think so, please understand that my request was not an idiosyncrasy.

> So we are too old both of us. And yes I am too lazy to try and resolve the
> thing considering the expected benefit. Otherwise I would not have posted.
> Doing it right would mean patching DOS which is by no means trivial,
> considering the structures and interfaces involved are undocumentend (even
> in Ralf Brown's list which unfortunately is not updated for a long time).
> Maybe they are described in Chappell's book, which I don't possess.

I am not too old generally, I am just too old to be interested in challenges. And I never said that patching DOS is trivial, I just said that the task is easy for someone who has the needed knowledge, as any other task. Do people who have enough knowledge about MS-DOS 7 internals still exist? Yes, they still exist. So address them! This is what I wanted to tell, but now I have to be more explicit in order for you to finally understand.

> Thank you for your insights ! ( Regarding acid remarks, I make no notice
> of such in general).

You are welcome! (What acid remarks?).


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