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Re MS-DOS7 bug, Patch done! available soon :=) (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 23.11.2009, 23:26

CM and All : Patch is done, I just want to do some more testing under different DOSes and make more checks before I release it for you to try. I have yet also to examine what happens if/when Windows 9x is eventually launched ;=)

Too tired to continue now, but within one/two days you'll get to see the simple and, I think elegant solution which is general (not a specific workaround for wrapper.sys), repairs the bug without touching the MS-DOS code itself.

It consists of a fake DOS device driver, that when installed takes 368 bytes, does NOT hook any interrupts or DOS function. All it has to do is sit there to offer space for the fake TSRinfo table during Sysinit.

> If you adapt either of these methods or the one presented by Geoff
> Chappel, please replace his version check by something dependable (such as
> exact kernel code pieces if you're going to patch code anyway). Other DOS
> versions report "true version" (Int21.3306) 7.00+ now too (because many
> programs depend on that to check for other things such as FAT32 support)
> but they probably don't support the TSR list pointer in the DOS data
> segment.

Now we'll need a 'true true version' function ! I don't think I like this kind of escalation. Can you name those offending non-Microsoft DOSes that report true ver = 7 or 8, and possibly suggest a /documented/ way to check for them ?



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