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*beta* Patch available ! (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 25.11.2009, 22:01
(edited by Ninho on 26.11.2009, 17:49)

For your testing pleasure the int 21/31 hack for MS-DOS 7 (Windows 95/98) has just been made available for download:
download HK31.SYS v 0.7 (beta)

Update : for a fresh link to the newest version, please refer to the new discussion thread, in the Misc. section :
beta Patch discussion thread.

Important notes : this is a public "beta". Although it is believed to be harmless and tested at home on different configurations of MSDOS 6 and MSDOS 7, you should take the usual precautions before tesing this software. Preferably run it on non mission-critical systems, or some kind of virtual machine. Backup your files as necessary. Generally, if you don't feel at ease with running unknown software, don't do it.

For those who can't wait, express usage notes. I'll upload a "manual" later.

- download HK31.SYS from above URL, optionally check MD5, virus-check etc.
- put the file somewhere on your DOS disk, say C:\TEST\HK31.SYS

- Your CONFIG.SYS should be edited include a line similar to :

... or use DEVICEHIGH= in conjunction with a suitable memory manager.

When that line is executed, the driver will load and pause itself to allow you to read screen output conveniently (there is a reason it is called a beta!). Press the ANY key after studying its output in order to continue booting DOS.

- IF running MS-DOS versions prior to Windows 95, OR non-Microsoft DOS, it should refuse to install itself and tell you so. No harm done but those systems do not require the hack.

- IF running MS-DOS 7 from Win 95 to Win 98 SE, it will install itself to memory. Also under MS-DOS 8 from a Win ME boot disquette (not tested by me)

Your system should continue to boot normally to DOS and eventually to Windows.

- Now get Philip Gardner's WRAPPER.SYS (Shareware, free to try, see its license. I have no connection to the Author) if you haven't already.

Assuming you put wrapper.sys to C:\TEST along with HK31.SYS, you might
add a line such as the ff. to your CONFIG.SYS :

... or DEVICEHIGH, if applicable.

where TSR.EXE is any DOS TSR which you would otherwise load from the command line, or AUTOEXEC.BAT, or INSTALL(high)= line from CONFIG.SYS (try keyboard or mouse driver for instance)

But NOTE the HK31.SYS MUST load BEFORE any WRAPPER.SYS instance (that loads TSRs). This is the whole point about this fix.

Warning again : IF you OMITTED HK31.SYS on a MS-DOS version which is affected by the bug, the loading of any TSR by Wrapper.sys WILL (on MSDOS 7/8) result in memory corruption and system instability or crash.

Please report test results and any problems or questions about this tool.

Especially I wish to know if under those non-MS DOSes which misreport themselves as MS-DOS 7, HK31 refuses to load (as it should)



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