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Please help with Bochs (Emulation)

posted by rr(R) Homepage E-mail, Berlin, Germany, 26.11.2009, 22:44

> Exactly this processor I had in my old computer and tuned every aplication
> for this system (speed).

That's not possible. IIRC the most accurate CPU emulation is done in DOSBox, because of demos, but DOSBox only emulates CPUs up to the 486.

> But when I try to access the floppy drive (a:) at the prompt (I installed
> MS-DOS 6.22), I get a similar message to: the drive is unaccessible.

Your floppya line should look like this: floppya: 1_44="A:"

> Unfortunately I can't compile. Would somebody be so kind to do it for me?

There's really no need to compile your own binary, because default bochs.exe should work. see, e.g., ".conf.win32-cygwin"

P.S. Please don't put ">" in front of whatever you think, because it makes this look like I said it. ">" is / should only used to mark exact quotes from previous messages.


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