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IVTUTIL v1.01 available (Public Domain with TP7 source code) (Announce)

posted by Arjay(R), 10.12.2009, 00:19
(edited by Arjay on 10.12.2009, 02:03)

* IVTUTIL is a util for processing/converting Interrupt Vector Table files *
(note: it has an undocumented "feature" to allow interrupt vector patching)

Examples of the intended "end users" for IVTUTIL
+ People curious to learn how PC's look prior to loading an operating system
+ System programmers working on projects to port OS's to embedded PC hardware
+ System programmers involved with writing or supporting PC operating systems
+ System programmers working on custom BIOS patches for legacy computers
+ Helping to resolve DOS/OS issues where interrupts are not being restored

Hi all,

I would like to announce the release of IVTUTIL v1.01 which I am releasing as public domain with the TP7 source code. It was a holiday project a while ago which I wrote without my normal libraries as I wanted it to be open source.

It has a homepage here (which will be updated shortly):

and the program can be obtained from here:

IVTUTIL has been helpful to me in more ways than I originally expected from the simple act of checking if a program has not restored interrupts; to more complex activities such as porting Linux 8086 to unusual hardware. Indeed I have found IVTUTIL to be a particularly good aid for various OS development work. I hope that others will find it a useful utility in a similar ways.

I'll be honest and say I am not happy with it as it stands (e.g. the .REG / .IVT export code headers aren't to my liking, the source makes me cringe etc). However I am too much of a perfectionist and if I continue to hang back to get it right... it will never be released thus I'm releasing it publicly now.

One last thing the IVTUTIL documentation states that I know of only 3 different bootdisks for saving the initial interrupt vector table. I now know of 4 such disks but I forgot to update the documentation from 3 to 4 !

Regards Richard


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