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(un)loading block device drivers: LOADSYS (Users)

posted by Arjay(R), 10.12.2009, 11:20

> As far as I know, the only reliable way to load AND unload block device
> drivers such as CDROM after bootup was by means of a quite cute utility
> called LOADSYS, written by a British folk called G. W. Robinson and still
> available on some sites; I am pretty much sure to have it on some floppy
> disc of mine as well.

I vaguely remember that one. For many years I used DDL/DDU (DDL = Device Driver Load and DDU = Device Driver Unload). I believe they were on for sometime (so try there), HOWEVER I just tried and had forgotten how much I miss the original Simtel.... I gave up in the end as it was taking too long !

> I never tried it under DOS 7.x/8.0, though.
Should work ok. I have however seen problems myself with FreeDOS's Freecom ( replacement) rather than the kernel when doing things like this; to the point that I ended up knocking up a quick and dirty Freecom replacement with debug features just to get some stuff to work. FreeDOS overall is a very good project though and I hope to be able to feed some stuff into it one day.

Regards Richard


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