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RJDOS v0.01a experimental tiny DOS shell (BETA with BIG B!) (Announce)

posted by Arjay(R), 10.12.2009, 12:24

Quoting part of the documentation I wrote back in October....

RJDOS v0.01a
RJDOS is an experimental tiny DOS shell which may be useful to IVTUTIL users,
It is similar to more complex shells I wrote many years ago as a BBS sysop.

RJDOS v0.01a was written very quickly to replace FREEDOS's FREECOM to load a
particular program where FREECOM was bombing out with a silly error message.
Basically RJDOS was mostly written to help understand what was going wrong
but in the end a variation of RJDOS was used to work around a bug in FREECOM.

RJDOS is NOT a great shell, however think of it as a bit of a cross between
a DOS shell, debug, interrupt list and diagnostic util. It's not perfect but
it has a features that I thought would be interesting for people to play with.

RJDOS limitations/watchouts/features
There are many....

+ Only 8.3 filenames are supported
+ RJDOS knows NOTHING about lowercase, UNICODE etc
+ Commands like DIR do *NOT* support any parameters, so DIR /W is invalid !!!
+ Currently DIR does NOT even show the size of files - yes it is that BASIC !
+ Many standard DOS commands do *NOT* exist, not even stubs exist for them !
+ Other standard DOS commands exist but behave fairly differently, e.g. DATE
+ Directory changing is *VERY* different-the CD command does NOT even exist!!

However, on the plus side:
+ "Memory" can be viewed like a disk drive
+ "Interrupts" can be viewed like a disk drive
+ A dump style program is built into the memory/interrupt viewers
+ Drives can be changed into without disks being present or disks with errors
+ Getting an equipment list out on even the most basic PC hardware is easy.

Part of the reason for the many limitations is the simply the fact I ended up
using RJDOS to launch FREECOM when needed. Oddly I discovered if FREECOM
is the primary shell it crashed when loading a 3rd party program that caused
me to write RJDOS in the first place, however if I set RJDOS to be the
primary shell and then loaded FREECOM from within RJDOS and then loaded the
3rd party program from FREECOM it all loaded it fine.... go figure! For now
my time is elsewhere and a work around is easier than root causing something.


See included documentation for more info (sorry no source with this one):

MD5 = 9705479ae4c9a89756eedd8257a5e8c0 *


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