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EMOB 0.02d - freeware for Ericsson mobile phones (Announce)

posted by Arjay(R), 10.12.2009, 13:57

What is EMOB?

EMOB is a freeware program for controlling and managing mobile phones from a PC with a link cable, currently it is hardcoded to use serial Ericsson mobiles.
Further "old" background is here:
(I'm working through updates for all of my website, but a few releases first!)

EMOB v0.02d has technically been in BETA since the end of 2000.... I have now updated the documentation to take it out of BETA as it has received plenty of testing since that time ;-) Apart from unpacking the EXE file to make it easier for people to patch the EXE directly, the basic code remains the same.

And although not documented I did find it worked fine with Ericsson's DECT phone systems as well. Certainly it was very useful for getting ID's out.
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I hope to relocate version v0.02e at some point as that supported easy sending of text messages from the command-line. However apart from my own use that version never saw even BETA use by others as well I was simply too busy with my work job at the time and to make matters worse a short while later my then girlfriend needed a mobile, so I had to give her one of my DEV phones (which she then broke), so I gave her another (which she also broke...!). She's now my wife so I better be careful what else I say here ;-)


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