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(un)loading block device drivers: LOADSYS (Users)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.12.2009, 07:23

> I vaguely remember that one. For many years I used DDL/DDU (DDL = Device
> Driver Load and DDU = Device Driver Unload). I believe they were on
> for sometime (so try there), HOWEVER I just tried and had
> forgotten how much I miss the original Simtel.... I gave up in the end as
> it was taking too long !

Yeah, Simtel kinda blows now due to all their ads, site layout, and other weird stuff. Try their FTP site directly, that should work (or find a mirror).

> > I never tried it under DOS 7.x/8.0, though.
> Should work ok. I have however seen problems myself with FreeDOS's
> Freecom ( replacement) rather than the kernel when doing things
> like this; to the point that I ended up knocking up a quick and dirty
> Freecom replacement with debug features just to get some stuff to work.
> FreeDOS overall is a very good project though and I hope to be able to
> feed some stuff into it one day.

The maintainer for FreeCOM was Blair Campbell, but he never updated it like he claimed he would (HD swapping?), and he's kinda erratic in his efforts (ClamAV, NCurses), so I don't really know what he's up to. The latest FreeCOM is 0.84-pre2 XMS_Swap, which I prefer and use, but even it has some very rare bugs (hence Eric Auer prefers 0.82pl3, which lacks LFNs and DESCRIPT.ION, for instance). Even 4DOS is yet again abandoned (stuck to 8.00 and apparently impossible or very hard to build with OpenWatcom). :-(

Personally, I made up a big "wishlist" for things I'd like in a DOS command shell. In my imagination, such features will get added (by me, eventually) to either FreeCOM and/or Centroid's COMMAND.EXE (which is 386+ DJGPP but a thousand times easier to build than 4DOS or FreeCOM).


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