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HX + SDL (Wolf4SDL) (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.12.2009, 07:59
(edited by Rugxulo on 11.12.2009, 08:32)

I like HX, obviously, but normally I don't run GUI apps because a). I can't think of much that I'd want to use, and b). stuff I tried never works. Anyways, here's some comments I thought might be vaguely interesting.

Recently I've done a lot of digging up on ID Software's Doom (esp. for DOS source ports and FreeDoom), Quake (also Hexen2), and now Wolfenstein 3D. All of these are open source but not freeware.

EDIT: This is only two snapshots, which are intentionally devoid of any "illegal" symbols.

This shows that I got Wolf4SDL (demo .EXE, for shareware episode, 1WOLF14.ZIP) to work on my Pentium 4 (HXRT + HXGUI: needs 386+, VESA2). These were screenshots taken by HX itself (menu key), converted to .GIFs from (large, 500K !!) .BMPs by Pictview.

 Directory of A:\

08/01/2009  04:18 PM            45,161 KERNEL.SYS
12/03/2007  05:00 AM            66,932 COMMAND.COM
11/27/2009  09:00 AM             4,006 XMGR.SYS
12/10/2009  10:42 PM               290 FDCONFIG.SYS
12/11/2009  01:18 AM               469 FDAUTO.BAT
12/03/2007  05:08 AM             5,089 CTMOUSE.EXE
11/27/2009  09:00 AM             1,536 RDISK.COM
12/10/2009  03:53 PM           881,360 wolf4sdl.p8f
12/07/2009  11:57 PM            95,280 paq8f.exe
09/25/2009  08:19 AM               512 FINDDISK.COM
03/16/1996  02:00 PM             4,096 EZEDIT.COM
06/17/1994  01:03 AM             2,925 XGREP.COM
12/10/2009  04:04 PM           124,359 hx.p8f
12/10/2009  10:38 PM           115,179 msvcrt.p8f
12/11/2009  01:17 AM            31,695 W4SDLBMP.P8F

Both SDL.DLL and SDL_MIXER.DLL (which I renamed / hacked to SDL_MIX.DLL, not sure if totally necessary) are inside the WOLF4SDL archive. MSVCRT.DLL is from XP (since Vista's doesn't work??), approx. 343000 bytes. I never got it working under DOSBox (wrong MSVCRT) or DOSEMU (no relocs), both of which are presumably due to using MinGW or MSVC (hence recompiling with OpenWatcom should solve both problems). However, you must "set SDL_AUDIODRIVER=dummy" since both "dsound" (default) and "waveout" don't work (or at least only work on SB-compatibles, e.g. not on my P4's EMU10k1) and hence won't let the game even start. Original Wolf3d supports PC speaker or Adlib or Soundblaster. There's a third-party patch called WOLFSPK4.EXE that makes the PC speaker output digital .WAV sounds [sounds better], but it doesn't seem to work in the shareware episode [only full??].)

Mouse mostly worked but had trouble moving forward for me, might be my mouse itself, who knows. I don't prefer the mouse at all, actually. Even keys had some minor troubles. Main was that it seemed to take a step and "pause" ever other move with NumLock on (so I turned that off). The minor nit was that for some reason Shift (run) plus left arrow or right arrow seemed to change weapon. I'm not sure if that was a "feature" of Wolf4SDL or not (doubt it).

Why? No reason, just wanted to test it. (EDIT: Well, for instance, full-screen without status bar isn't present in Wolf4GW.) The predecessor to Wolf4SDL (2008) was Wolf4GW (DOS/4GW, aka OpenWatcom) from 2006. I've recently re-compiled that myself (had to, my full copy is the Apogee version, default .EXE is Activision), even made a simple .BAT to do so (soon to be posted to OW newsgroup) since the default .ZIP only contains IDE project files (ugh). Hence it can be built in DOS w/ SFNs, even. (Wolf4SDL does not support PC speaker.) Actually, Wolf4GW was converted to C++, for some odd reason.

All other versions of Wolfenstein 3D used Borland C 3.x and TASM. Heck, Mike Chambers (leetIRC dude) ported it to his 8086/VGA/640k/4.77 Mhz, but it runs really slowly (5fps) in a small "windowed" view. He also added a cheat menu, though. He gave me the sources, but the default .EXE itself was incompatible with my data (and I don't have an 8086 nor BC++ 3).

BTW, the original WOLFSRC.ZIP had two .EXEs, original real-mode WOLF3D.EXE (which optionally uses XMS or EMS if found) and Borland 16-bit extended WOLF.EXE (needing DPMI16BI.OVL + RTM.EXE) although I never got the latter to work under DOSBox. (But I forgot that perhaps HDPMI16 / DPMILD16 would work?????)

P.S. I really hate the fact that it's such a disputed game (e.g. Germany), but there are so many mods (Hotel Romanstein, Barneystein, Halloween, Christmas, etc.) there should be a legal way for such users to still play the game (whose engine is also allegedly the basis of Catacombs 3D, Blake Stone, R.O.T.T., etc).

EDIT: Wolf4GW seems abandoned, and I got the idea to run under HX because the author suggested such to someone on some forum as a way to still run it under DOS. I think his main motivation for moving to SDL was portability and also getting sound to work well / correctly under modern NT-based Windows.

P.P.S. I still think this parody is funny. :-D


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