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RJDOS v0.01a experimental tiny DOS shell (BETA with BIG B!) (Announce)

posted by Arjay(R), 11.12.2009, 11:37

Hi RayeR,

> Hm, it seems to be quite small - 9746B
Yeah apologies about the LARGE size... it could go down a lot... however as it was *very* quickly thrown together to provide a brief investigation into a FREEDOS issue and importantly a workaround, its not optimized in anyway whatsoever. Still as I liked the idea of being able to use !: to go into memory and although that is still basic I thought I would share it for that reason alone as I thought in doing so it might give others useful ideas.

> it would be good for my ROMOS project.
Personal or commercial? Your page on ROMOS was a 404 to me.

> I'll try if it will work from ROM. :)
Should do :)

> It seem's it's already packed with something, what packer did you used?
Packed ? That's news to me ;)

> It gives me the best result for small files.
(Under DOS...) For Windows see Crinkler


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