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Phil Gardner's Wrapper.sys & MS-DOS7 bug (Miscellaneous)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 11.12.2009, 19:42

> > (Even DR-DOS only had an unofficial TSR,
> > which I blindly guess was pulled when they discovered MS had patents on
> > it, ugh.)
> Are you talking about the TSR supposedly (i.e. we never got it) able to
> run Windows 4.x, or about DRFAT32 ?

DRFAT32, but I've never used it.

> > My copy of DR-DOS 7.03 is definitely not
> > LFN aware (except in very few places, e.g. COMMAND.COM),
> Probably the later COMMAND.COM beta versions, I don't think the original
> 7.03 COMMAND.COM supported LFNs.

Original (Jan. 1999) COMMAND.COM from 7.03 does indeed support it.

> > They all have bugs, and if you run into one, you either ignore it,
> abandon
> > the project (no!), or work around it. Even the hallowed "original"
> > has quite a few annoying quirks and bugs.
> Understatement. However, with MS-DOS it's the application programmers who
> have to work around DOS's bugs. This is the definitive advantage of open
> source: the first (app) programmer who had to work around the bug can
> integrate it into the main program, or at least report the bug.

More importantly, if you actually want someone to test or use your app, you don't have to say, "Buy such and such", just point them to the download!

> > I've actually been (local only) updating my mini distro's disk #3, and
> a
> > good deal of stuff on there is (funnily enough) for compatibility or
> bug
> > fixes with other DOS-ish OSes.
> Isn't it a FreeDOS distro? Or is it supposed to allow exchanging the
> kernel?

It's FreeDOS, mostly because it's good and truly free. I just also include misc. extra stuff that might be useful for other DOSes (since I use or have used others too).


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