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HX + SDL (Wolf4SDL) (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 12.12.2009, 10:16

> > BTW, I got Wolf4SDL to work on my Vista laptop
> natively ??? :clap:

Yes. No sound, though, and IIRC CuteMouse doesn't like my BIOS, so I didn't use that.

FreeDOS on P4 - yes
FreeDOS on AMD64x2 - yes
FreeDOS on P166 - yes (but slow)
under DOSBox - yes (but very slow)

> It didn't work for me, I have no idea about this project and didn't find
> the required data files to download ...
> (yesterday)

I've made a boot disk, and (obviously) it even works on my P166 w/ 32 MB of RAM now (with UNIVBE and old-ass Win95 MSVCRT.DLL). Of course, since that has no MMX, PAQ8f is dirt slow (67 minutes!) vs. 2 mins. on my AMD64x2 laptop, and that's at lowest / fastest compression! Yeah, okay, maybe it doesn't need to be all crammed on one disk. Maybe I should've made an HX disk and put the game files separately on another disk. At least that would be fast. Sue me, I just thought one disk was ideal.

It might be pointless, but I'm going to document exactly what I did for this disk. Heck, except for MSVCRT, I could upload it (and sources, of course) for you if you really wanted to test it (shareware data). I also got permission from Mike to release his modified 8086 sources too, if you want that.

BTW, Japheth, it crashes / hangs when you quit the game! (that can't be intentional)

> > taken by HX itself (menu key), converted to .GIFs from (large,
> 500K !!) .BMPs by
> There is nothing wrong about a 640x480x24bpp BMP hogging only 921'654
> Byte's :-)

These were 640x400x256 I think. Hence kinda overkill in size. I don't care, honestly, but surely it's less ideal for someone downloading them on dialup! (BTW, do modern browsers even support .BMP? [too lazy to check])

> >
> >
> Does it play for you in Open Source Arachne ??? You whine about "closed
> source" and "compatibility", but promote such stuff even more :confused:

Sorry, but that's never my intent, it's just what's out there in use! I can't control the world. My laptop doesn't work well with open source, e.g. Ubuntu 9.10 still loads slow from USB, Broadcom doesn't work and their driver seems to crash the OS (good luck finding working packet drivers and explaining to me how to use them!), sound mostly works (except no longer under DOSEMU?? bah, regression), suspend (which I never try since I never expect it to work) also hangs the machine. Hooray for me. I don't know, maybe we expect too much from hardware people, or maybe I should shop more open source consciously. I mean, damn, hardware compatibility is annoying!


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