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HX + SDL (Wolf4SDL) (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 12.12.2009, 10:31

> > honestly, but surely it's less ideal for someone downloading them on
> dialup!
> > (BTW, do modern browsers even support .BMP? [too lazy to check])
> YES, but irrelevant, see above ;-)

.GIF is "good enough" here (not bloated, widely supported, not patented anymore). No good reason to use .PNG here (only 256 colors).

> > Sorry, but that's never my intent, it's just what's out there in use!
> > I can't control the world.
> No, but you can convert the movies yourself before boasting with them.

I wouldn't even know how to convert those movies. I just thought the parody of the parody (he's an actor, BTW) was ultra funny. I think we've all played games that kill us even when we "win", heh. His reactions / screams are priceless! :-D

The video of 8086 Wolfenstein was because I didn't have explicit permission to distribute the sources (yet, though now I do), and I still don't have them on my webpage. Of course, that's of questionable value anyways since probably nobody wants it, my site's now mostly dumped on Google Sites (somewhat annoying interface), but I definitely do wish to preserve his efforts!

> > My laptop doesn't work well with open source
> Does DOS work ?

No sound, no mouse, not even sure UIDE or LBACACHE works here, but otherwise sure. In contrast, my P4 has much much less trouble, almost everything works smoothly there. Hardware is annoying.


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