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Phil Gardner's Wrapper.sys & MS-DOS7 bug (Miscellaneous)

posted by Arjay(R), 12.12.2009, 11:34

> > I'm pretty sure this guy is only interested in modern Windows these
> days.
I think this is bit unfair, I mean why shouldn't Geoff only care about what is on the whole the "current" area. He is after-all only one person and there is a limit to what we can all do. Indeed I have only recently got into Freedos myself as I wanted to make use of it for projects however I'm here as I'm keen to also feed back into FreeDOS/other projects. I'm learning a lot from these forums about FreeDOS/other things simply because I was so out of touch with what has happened (as I had moved onto many other things), now it's in my interest hence I'm dusting off stuff. That's just me but I can fully understand why Geoff needs to limit the areas that he is working with.

> Modern Windows, yes, for the last decade. Whenever a write-up of a Windows
> shell function goes as far as doing a bug history,
> I still cover all the
> 32-bit Windows versions that run on DOS, but that's it for my involvement
> even with the old Windows, let alone with DOS.
Thanks Geoff, being aware of your work at a high level I hadn't even realized you were still being as kind as to go that far back. It is appreciated.

> > Hence, I blindly guess he's never even tried DR-DOS (and probably
> doesn't know how good / compatible it is) or others.
Likewise I'm in full support of Geoff here - I have never cared much for DR-DOS in days of old. That said I did see it and use it under Netware.

> Never tried, never knew, and never saw that supporting it should be a DOS
> programmer's general responsibility no matter how good it might be. And I
> kept to the latter view even while helping Caldera's anti-trust suit.
Fair enough. Still really good to see you on here Geoff. Thanks for coming.


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