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FIXWRAP technical thread. News (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 12.12.2009, 16:05
(edited by Ninho on 13.12.2009, 11:14)

Coding is in progress. This new fix is without contest simpler and better than HACKWRAP was, the flip side is that whereas setting up Hackwrap was quick and easy, setting-up FIXWrap is much more complicated to do it properly.

The code is already several hundred tightly coded ASM instructions, a size at which notepad ceases to be an ideal programming tool and one starts to consider introducing macros and more "modularising" of the code. The brain still spits out code but overheating is a threat.

I think I'm past half the hardcore part and may avoid having to load heavy programmer's "aids". Rather, I will debug the code in a bochs as it progresses, with the help of a couple macros that should help me to stay in command.

Expect something for you all to test run in a few days, surely not the final but rather stuff that will allow us to check details on all MS-DOS versions and configurations of interest.



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