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HX + SDL (Wolf4SDL) (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 12.12.2009, 18:55

> > > Does DOS work ?
> > No sound
> HDA ?

Yes. BTW, never heard back from Atila re: Mpxplay, guess he never got my e-mail. If you know of a better way to contact him .... But it's not urgent.

> > no mouse
> PS/2 or USB ?

Touchpad, and I guess the BIOS may be buggy as I had issues with CuteMouse in the past.

> > not even sure UIDE or LBACACHE works here
> LBACACHE doesn't talk to any hardware. Did you test UIDE / XDMA / XDMA32
> or not ?
> Is the BIOS slow at all ?

It just had some issues, and I didn't investigate further.

> > The DJGPP compile of APEGPLAY seems to accept the "Angry Kid" video
> from where ???

The one from a while back that Khusraw compiled. Search the forum archives. :-D

> >
> > MD5: CE56A0FC558876E612DAEC8FF754087A
> Arachne can't download from RapidS*** either. Same for FireFox or Opera
> with VirusMagnet (R) (formerly known as JavaS*** (R) technology) OFF.
> "...This file can only be downloaded by becoming a Premium member..."
> Doh ! Ok, I am not that keen to download it right now. So if
> someone posts it somewhere else let me know, many thanks.

Sorry, I just uploaded to Rapidshare for quickness. It does not require "premium access" (which I also don't have), just click "Free User". But whatever, I've put it on my Google Site now. (However, the disk image + srcs for the Wolf4SDL won't fit on my site as I'm very low on space. Argh.)

P.S. This is the exact same archive as Mike gave me (except I added the separate "wolf8086.exe" to it, which you obviously would want). It has some cruft (WOLF.EXE -> Borland 16-bit DPMI .EXE that I can't seem to get to work at all, even with HDPMI16, originally from WOLFSRC.ZIP; also, WOLF3D.SYM takes up a ton of space and is probably useless). So it's an 882k .ZIP (not too big but anyways). Enjoy! :-)

EDIT: Just to be clear, for whatever sad reason, the source has to be recompiled for each Wolf3d edition you want to use it with: shareware, Apogee full, Activision full, Spear of Destiny demo, Spear of Destiny full. (I think his .EXE is Activision full.) Sorry (and this is true for all Wolf3d ports, not Mike's fault)!!


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