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CM's questions, answered (Miscellaneous)

posted by cm(R) Homepage E-mail, Düsseldorf, Germany, 13.12.2009, 00:51

> Read again, Mister. The DOS7 method won't work in DOS 8, and vice versa.
> DOS8 CS=FFFF is hardcoded, it's how they built it.


> MS-DOS 8 is intended as
> a launcher for Windows ME, not as a compatible all purpose DOS.

It still contains lots of stuff not required just for launching Windows.

> (which also makes DOS8 marginally faster than its predecessor).

You probably won't notice on 586+ machines.

> if like me you don't own ME,

I do own it.

> >(Might be due to unknown A20 switch
> > method, or only 1 MiB of physical memory.
> DOS couldn't load. In the better case they'll output a cryptic message
> (you must reinstall Windows ME ???), or, as we know Microsoft, might
> simply crash. I don't know which, care to check ? Use an emulator and
> somehow break the HMA...

I don't care, really. They probably crash, just as they don't check for a 386+ CPU.

> And ME wasn't supposed to run on a 386. I believe it's "Pentium or better"
> (Win 95 : 386+, 98: 486DX IIRW).

Windows 4 certainly won't run well on a 386 PC but MS-DOS 7/8 alone should run.

> Not that I am a regular user of Win-ME (who is ? :-) )

I has been using it some years. It's not as bad as they say; especially the native USB support was a lot better than 98 SE's. (I.e. it was actually usable.)

> >> - Case DOS 7.x : peek into DOSData, there is
> > Where? Or rather: How do you find that table? If I'd want to find it
> now,
> > I'd look at the interrupt vector for one of the unaltered interrupts in
> my
> > debugger. Your way might be able to find the table even with all these
> > interrupts hooked.
> Yes of course it is and is the reason I choose this way.

Umm, I asked where/how you find that table in the DOS data segment.

> I like to get an idea of who requests the code, how many samples, their
> expectations, and possibly get some feedback.

I don't think anyone will get in contact with you only because he "has to" ask you for the source. Rather I find it inconvenient to request it, because it does take more actual effort by me and I'll have to wait until you react to it.

> Do you think an informal
> email request is too much to ask of them ?

No, as I stated previously.

> It's not like I'm concealing trade secrets, on the contrary, I am set up
> to explain clearly the hows and whys, namely in answers to this forum, in
> a manner which I think for most people makes more sense than an assembly
> listing.

These people could go on and read your answers here instead of reading the provided source. I don't see how you, providing the source as download, would prevent them from doing so or you from writing these answers.


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