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posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 13.12.2009, 02:45

> > Yes, that's what I'm doing. Of course, that also assumes G: isn't taken.
> > Hardcoding things is ugly, but since I was controlling the environment
> (my
> > own hand-tailored CONFIG.SYS), it didn't matter.
> Why not set LASTDRIVE=Z and use drive Z: ? That might fail as well since
> the letter Z: might actually be taken by FAT drives but then just blame
> the user.

Of course I could do that, but it wastes a little bit of RAM for each drive allocated, and 99% of people (or 100% ??) never use that many drives and would rather have more free memory. IIRC, I'm using "LASTDRIVE=P" (should be enough for anyone, heh).

P.S. I've had four Wolfenstein 3D shareware mods unpacked on this P4 since March 2008! (I don't use this computer much anymore, instead use my laptop.) I always meant to tell people here about 'em, but I never got around to it. I just played them a bit to see if they had any "illegal" graphics, and only the Pac & Clowns one did (barely). Others (Barneystein, Hallowein [sic], Xmas) seem to be 100% okay for German consumption. :-D

P.S. There are actually several Barney mods, but the one I tested (by "PC-CRAP") has Beavis and Butthead as enemies, MTV logos, dead kermits on the floor, piglets in cages, etc. Barney is the guy on the wall, stain-glass, etc.


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