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HX + SDL (Wolf4SDL) (DOSX)

posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 13.12.2009, 03:31
(edited by Rugxulo on 13.12.2009, 03:50)

> > Sorry, I just uploaded to Rapidshare for quickness. It does not require
> > "premium access" (which I also don't have), just click "Free User".
> Did try that but didn't seem to work... oh well thank you for moving it
> :)

I tried it too (earlier) after you reported the problem. Either it was busy or it "ran out" of slots (only 10, which seems low, but anyways ...).

> >
> 3rd time lucky after discovering the above link is to an html page
> first.... ;-)

I just now tried to use WGET from this P4, and it didn't work. But things like that used to work all the time until the "auto-migrated" everything from Google Pages to Google Sites (approx. three weeks ago). So it's their issue, and something I'm not normally aware of. :-(

EDIT: Tried fiddling, can't succeed, they must be purposely blocking such things (so no "leeching"? meh). Anyways, I just added yet another update on my (long / badly organized) main page (Sep. 15 -> Wolfenstein 3D/8086), hopefully that is more obvious than just a random mention on this forum. (At least clicking on that link seems to work!)

> > separate "wolf8086.exe" to it, which you obviously would want).
> Cheers less hassle with compilers etc.

The other day (for fun) I halfway tried to see how hard it would be to build with Turbo C++ 1.01 and ArrowASM 2.00d, but I got somewhat frustrated and gave up. Ideally, it would compile with TC++ (closed source but 8086 friendly) or OpenWatcom 16-bit (386 host only but open source) too, but neither's possible just yet.

> > all Wolf3d ports, not Mike's fault)!!
> Thanks Mike / Rugxulo appreciate this interesting build upon John et al's
> work.

Mike did all the work, I'm just collecting it and posting it publicly (among other notes and random stuff) since I like the game (and Doom, Quake, etc).

P.S. Chrome doesn't seem to handle HTML5 video (unlike FireFox which works).


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