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CM's questions, answered (Miscellaneous)

posted by Ninho(R) E-mail, 13.12.2009, 10:32
(edited by Ninho on 13.12.2009, 11:16)

>> Not that I am a regular user of Win-ME (who is ? :-) )

> I has been using it some years. It's not as bad as they say; especially
> the native USB support was a lot better than 98 SE's. (I.e. it was
> actually usable.)

I didn't say WinME was all rubbish. What I did say is DOS 8, as can be ripped from a Windows ME, is not the best choice for an all-purpose MS-DOS; DOS 7.10 is more general.

>>> Where? Or rather: How do you find that table?
> Umm, I asked where/how you find that table in the DOS data segment...

Similar to how Ralf, Geoff, I assume, and others do : by peeking at the codes, including initialisation stuff, making deductions and experimenting as needed.
As far as I know, "reversing" code (Fravia's word; did you know he passed away, recently?) for personal learning is still *not* considered criminal in this land of the crazy; it shoudln't be anyway.

>> It's not like I'm concealing trade secrets, on the contrary, I am set up
>> to explain clearly the hows and whys

Excuse me if I seem to fail to discern clearly what you are asking for.
If you're trying to suggest I should make a web page of organised notes about the (small part) of MS-DOS 7+ internals that I have explored, it is a good idea. I'll consider doing so, but please understand that programming is not my main interest in life, there are other subjects I would make pages about if I were to start a personal site. Certainly someone should take up the task of updating Ralf Brown's "int list" from where he left off, including the DOS 7+ reference data.

> These people could go on and read your answers here instead of reading the
> provided source. I don't see how you, providing the source as download,
> would prevent them from doing so or you from writing these answers.

Everybody's welcome to read my prose, not that it's so interesting :-)



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