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posted by Rugxulo(R) Homepage, Usono, 13.12.2009, 10:38

Heh, you're lucky I'm really bored and up late tonight. :-D

> > Yes. BTW, never heard back from Atila re: Mpxplay, guess he never got my
> > e-mail. If you know of a better way to contact him .... But it's not
> urgent.
> See SF project page :-(

Hmmm, okay, I never could figure out his myriad of websites.

> > Touchpad, and I guess the BIOS may be buggy as I had issues with
> CuteMouse
> Still, it probably acts like PS/2 or USB device ...

It does act like PS/2, but IIRC it just hangs / crashes or similar. I'd have to try again (ugh).

> > > > The DJGPP compile of APEGPLAY seems to accept the "Angry Kid" video
> > > from where ???
> > The one from a while back that Khusraw compiled. Search the forum
> No. Where did you get the video ? BTW, this APEGPLAY should get updated,
> it uses IIRC inefficient and buggy LibTheora 1.0b2.

E.g., it says "Download this video" and points to this file (39 MB!!!):

APEG thread #1
APEG thread #2

> > P.S. Chrome doesn't seem to handle HTML5 video (unlike FireFox which
> works).
> 1. Find "Chrome" icon
> 2. Find "Recycle Bin" icon
> 3. Drug&Drop "Chrome" icon into "Recycle Bin" icon
> 4. Confirm "YES" to any question asking whether you want to fully remove
> the "Chrome"

Well, I tried Chrome again later, and it seemed to work. And yet now Firefox is having issues. Meh. (Yes, I know, you ardently hate Windows, blah blah.)


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