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HX + SDL (Wolf4SDL) (DOSX)

posted by aleksej(R), 13.12.2009, 19:08

> Both SDL.DLL and SDL_MIXER.DLL (which I renamed / hacked to SDL_MIX.DLL,
> not sure if totally necessary) are inside the WOLF4SDL archive.

Just use any kind of DOS LFN tsr utils before loading HX in cases when desired program need some files with LFN.

> However, you must "set SDL_AUDIODRIVER=dummy" since both "dsound"
> (default) and "waveout" don't work (or at least only work on SB-compatibles,
> e.g. not on my P4's EMU10k1) and hence won't let the game even start.

Wrong. SBlive!/Audigy in SB emulation works in HX just flawlessly, even better than native AWE64 Gold! I use HX+DOSBox in pure DOS often and prefer SBLive!'s SB emulation in comparison with real ISA SB soundcard. Tested HX + SBLive! + Wolf4SDL - both digital & fm sources works just great in game.


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